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Rebuild with Crescent Homes Maui

The fires in Lahaina completely destroyed more than two thousand homes. The road to rebuilding the community is long, but we are all in this together. The Crescent Homes Maui team is here to take some of the stress out of a devastating situation by providing everything it takes to rebuild your home.

As Maui navigates the recovery process after the devastating wildfires, we are reallocating our resources to help Lahaina residents begin to rebuild. Crescent Homes Maui provides every aspect, from pouring the foundation to the complete wiring or plumbing of your home.

The Crescent Homes Maui Difference

Crescent Homes Maui has the local manpower and expertise to completely rebuild your home. Or, we can provide tailored services to work in conjunction with your existing contractor.

If you only need us to provide one or two services during the rebuilding process, that’s ok! The process to rebuild Lahaina and the nearby areas is a team effort. If your current contractor doesn’t offer every service you need to rebuild your home, Crescent Homes Maui is here. We will provide customized services, stepping in only when you need us.

We Can Help Rebuild Your Home

Our Rebuilding Services Include:

Concrete Work

Stamped driveway with decorative edging designed and built by Crescent Homes Maui

We use masonry techniques to build sturdy, weather-resistant homes. We start by pouring a concrete foundation. If you choose to have concrete walls, we will proceed by installing concrete blocks. We build homes that can withstand high winds, and even termites.

Electrical Service

Installing electrical wires in a ceiling of a new home under construction

Our team has the tools and expertise to repair or install a completely new system. If your home needs it, we will install it. We are regularly asked to work with local solar companies and can even install an EV charging station in your garage or next to your driveway. 


Crescent Homes excavating for a new Maui home

The rebuilding process starts with excavation. If you are a fire victim, we will take the time to clear away anything damaged by the fires, including the previous foundation. Excavation creates an even surface that is safe for us to create the foundation for your new home.

Fire Restoration

Restoring hope after fire. Fire restoration - a plant emerging in a burned over landscape

We understand that the aftermath of a fire is not just about rebuilding structures, it’s about restoring lives and communities. The Lahaina fires left a significant impact on Maui, and our mission is to bring hope back to the affected areas. We’re here to rebuild homes and revive neighborhoods, 

New Construction

Great room with view of the Pacific

Crescent Homes Maui is your partner in turning visions into reality. We craft homes that embody luxury, functionality, and the unique spirit of Maui. From the initial demolition to the final touches of tile, we execute every step of our construction process with precision and dedication.


Master bath

Our licensed plumbers have the tools and expertise to plumb your home and ensure it meets local codes. We take care of every part: planning, physical layout, and installation of the quality system you expect, including septic, sewer, water mains, and your home’s gas system. 

Additional Services


Patio entry to remodeled condominium home on Ironwood Lane, Maui

We are committed to revitalizing communities with multi-unit renovations. Whether it’s a renewal after a disaster or a planned enhancement, we create spaces that foster connection, resilience, and the enduring spirit of Maui. 


Crescent Homes Maui worker remodeling a client's home

Whether you’re dreaming of a remodel for a luxury home, a condominium, or an existing residence, we bring expertise and a commitment to excellence to every project. We provide adaptive design solutions and seamless integration of new elements.

Swimming Pools

Sunset from Maui home

On Maui a swimming pool can increase the value of your home while adding beauty and outdoor exercise to your lifestyle. We build custom pools and decks that can transform your outdoor space into your personal oasis..

Rebuild Your Home Your Way

Crescent Homes Maui can provide every service during the rebuilding process. Or, if you’ve already started the rebuilding process with another contractor, we will step in only when necessary. We can customize our service to provide exactly what you need. Let’s rebuild Maui together!

Full-Service Maui Contractor

Crescent Custom Homes LLC is a family-owned business on the island of Maui, Hawaii. We are a full-service/self-performing Maui contractor with a long track record of building exquisite custom homes as well as multi-family projects.

Contact us about your project

Through our relationship with national suppliers we are able to import business goods and services at very competitive prices. As a Maui home builder and full-service contractor, we use a combination of local talent and suppliers, importing what we need to control the timeline and cost of the project, while maintaining the utmost quality and integrity.

Whether you are seeking a new home in a great neighborhood, looking to remodel your existing property, or are planning a multi-family project, you will find the quality and care given by Crescent Homes Maui to be unique.

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Crescent Homes Maui

Getting Started: Planning

We think the most important rule in your decision-making process is to have a clear and realistic plan. Let’s face it, the budget is usually the driving-factor in our investment and purchasing decisions.

The second thing is location, location, location!!! Since the budget is usually the first driving force, location is usually the second driving force. You need to decide if amenities, home size, lot size, etc. are more important than location. For some, location will outweigh these, but for others it is all about the home itself.

For those lucky enough to afford all of the above, the process tends to lean toward privacy, security, and amenities. In any case, we are happy to assist you in meeting your goals. So, give us a call and let’s get started.

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