Solar Water Heating: The Coolest Hot Water

On Maui, high energy costs and tons of sunlight are the perfect reasons to utilize the sun’s power to ensure you have plenty of hot water available. Solar water heating isn’t new, but technology has transformed it. Homeowners are guaranteed hot water that emits near zero emissions at the lowest cost anywhere.

Crescent Custom Homes, Maui’s premier builder of luxury homes, installs solar water heaters in new and existing homes to benefit our planet and make hot water affordable for those of us paying high energy prices.

A new Maui home with solar water heating system on the roof and a stone retaining wall.
A solar water heater system on a new home built by Crescent Custom Homes

What is a Solar Water Heater?

A solar water heater stores water that has been constantly heated by the sun and is ready to disperse it anytime to ensure you have a hot shower.

The entire purpose of a ceramic solar water heater is to ensure you always have hot water when you need it and at the lowest cost possible. In times when solar heating hasn’t been enough, the backup element will utilize traditional energy to ensure your home has hot water. Fully automatic controls ensure temperature control is met.

When our glorious Hawaiian sun creates truly hot water, the tank ensures it stays hot for up to two days due to its efficiency and engineering. More importantly, almost no energy has been consumed, resulting in true sustainability and environmental consciousness while saving our homeowners money.

Many of us remember the old water heaters. One day we’d look in the garage or a utility closet, and water was everywhere because the bottom of the unit finally rusted and fell out. This is no longer a problem for heaters using advanced materials. With Vtriglas lining’s engineered enamel formula, the highly corrosive effects of hot water are no longer a problem.

Solar water heating system
Close-up of a roof-top solar water heating system

How Solar Hot Water Heating Works

The most significant power source we have access to is our sun. A 100-mile by 100-mile solar farm in the Nevada desert could power the entire U.S. The sun puts more energy on the earth in an hour than the whole U.S. uses in a year.

Solar water heating has water passing through roof-mounted systems that efficiently absorb the sun’s power. Solar energy is amplified to heat the water which is then stored in the ceramic tank that keeps it hot for up to two days.

No other hot water system can do what solar heating does.

Solar water heating system on the roof of a new home
New home under construction with solar water heater installation

Start Saving Now

Residential energy on the island of Maui costs residential users nearly 48 cents/KwH. Meanwhile, the sun provides free power. A long hot solar hot water shower won’t cost you a night out on the town.

Based on the cost of electricity, a solar heating solution pays for itself within a few short years and continues to save you considerably beyond that period. An installation today means immediate savings.

Inexpensive and Environmentally Friendly Hot Water from Crescent Custom Homes

We don’t just build luxury homes. Having all of our construction and service departments in-house and run by top-level professionals, we service clients with the highest levels of quality and commitment. Crescent Custom Homes has established itself as the island’s go-to source for solar water heating.

Maui residents who want to save substantial money on hot water heating turn to Crescent Custom Homes for solar water heating solutions. Call or email Crescent Homes today to learn how hot water can be inexpensive and environmentally friendly.



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