Constructing Your Home Using Fire-Resistant Materials

As the number of wildfires steadily increases, it is apparent that we must take measures to incorporate fire-resistant home construction materials. Every component used in constructing your home should have some form of fireproofing. There are materials you can choose that look great and will slow the spread of fire. 

A concrete block wall with steel reinforcement
A concrete block wall with steel reinforcement can be a part of fire-resistant home construction

When building a fire-resistant home, the floor plan plays a huge part in preventing fire damage. If your home is on a hill, you may face more danger than your neighbors. Fire moves faster up a hill than across even terrain.


There are several fire-resistant siding materials you can choose to protect your home from a wildfire. You can build a fire-resistant home in just about any style. Some of the available types of siding include:

  • Brick. Bricks are created in a kiln, giving them the ability to withstand great amounts of heat. The mortar used to join bricks is fire-resistant, unlike the caulking that joins other materials together. 
  • Metal. Siding made from metals like steel or aluminum provide protection from all types of hazardous conditions. Metal siding can protect your home from high winds, heavy rains, and wildfires.
  • Stucco. The texture of stucco siding gives your home a unique look while providing protection from wildfires. It is a budget-friendly option in comparison to other materials.
Concrete block constructed home
Examples of fire-resistant home construction materials include a concrete block and brick exterior, a tile roof, and composite decking in this modern wildfire-resistant beach house


Fire could infiltrate your home from any angle, and your home is not completely protected unless you choose the right materials for your roof. Asphalt fiberglass shingles are both affordable and fire-resistant, making them a great choice. Metal roofing is also a great choice and comes in a variety of colors.

Consider any roof overhang areas where fire could get trapped and cause destruction. Those areas may need additional fireproofing materials.

To add even more protection, you can choose to install sprinklers on your roof. When a wildfire approaches, the sprinklers will activate, preventing the flames from destroying your home.


Many homes on Maui have wooden decks where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. When a wildfire gets close to a wooden deck, it can go up in flames instantly, putting your home in danger with little time for you to react.

Composite decking is a safe alternative. It comes in a variety of colors and finishes to look identical to wood, but it is fire-resistant.


Wooden doors can only withstand fire exposure for about 20 minutes. After that, they succumb to the heat and quickly deteriorate, leaving your home exposed as flames creep in. 

Metal doors on your home’s exterior, including the garage door, are much safer when it comes to wildfires. If you prefer the look of wood, you can choose a finish that looks just like a wooden door while offering better protection.

New garage floor
A metal garage door is more resistant to fire


Double-paned windows in a steel frame provide the highest level of protection against fires. A tempered outer pane can withstand extreme heat and prevent the inner pane from shattering. The steel frame will hold its seal and protect your home if the fire grows closer.


Home insulation helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home. Some types of insulation also have fire-resistant properties. 

There are a few options to choose from. Slag wool is a common choice. It is non-combustible, meaning that it won’t help a fire spread.


When you’re planning a fire-resistant home, don’t forget about the fencing. Wooden fencing can easily ignite and bring the fire right onto your property. Fencing made of concrete or metal is fire-resistant and may even help keep fires away from your home.

Concrete and stone wall under construction
A concrete and stone retaining wall may help protect homes from fire moving fast up a hill

Something Else to Think About

Even if you take measures to keep your family and your home safe, keep in mind that you may lose power in a wildfire. A generator will work during any type of emergency to keep you comfortable until power is restored.

Learn more on our Fire Restoration page.

Build a Fire-Resistant Home With Crescent Homes Maui

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