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Elevate Your Lifestyle with a Custom Swimming Pool

While many consider home swimming pools to be an optional addition to your home or in some cases even an “emotional decision”, it can actually dramatically increase the value of your home. Especially, if you are living in a warm climate like us here on Maui, pools are not a luxury — they are a must-have! 

Crescent Homes Maui brings tranquility to your property with custom swimming pools. There is nothing like enjoying the beautiful Maui landscape while you relax in your swimming pool. Our experienced team of builders is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our clients on Maui with high-end pools and pool decks. 

We install custom pools, build pool decks, and repair damage that prevents you from using your pool. Our custom work can transform your outdoor space into your personal oasis.

High-End Pool Construction

Pool and view

Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with our pool construction services. Our team of experts at Crescent Homes Maui install custom pools that seamlessly integrate with the natural beauty of Maui. We aim to exceed expectations with every detail, ensuring your pool becomes a stunning centerpiece for your property.

We will work with you every step of the way to create the pool you want, turning your yard into an aquatic retreat you never want to leave.

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Pool Deck Design and Construction

Deck and lanai of a custom luxury Maui home
Covered lanai and pool deck

A new deck is the perfect compliment to your custom pool. We will build a deck that works with your personal aesthetic and that provides a stunning area to relax and entertain friends. You can choose the decking material and customize the color to create the perfect aesthetic for your property.

Custom pool decks give you extra space to enjoy your home. Add comfortable furniture, a fire pit, or even an outdoor kitchen to customize the space to suit your needs.

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Pool Damage Repair

In the aftermath of the Lahaina wildfires, Crescent Homes Maui is committed to helping residents rebuild their lives. Our pool damage repair services address fire-related and other damages, ensuring your pool is restored to its original condition. Trust us to provide efficient and effective solutions with a focus on quality craftsmanship. 

Pool Remodeling

Remodeling your existing pool allows you to install upgrades and alter the design to make it feel more modern. Like other design elements, pool trends change over time. Our team works with the natural surroundings to create a space that is perfect for enjoying your view of Maui.

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Swimming Pool Contractor

Lanai image

You may wonder where to start and what are some of the important factors to consider. Budget, timing, location, design, and a swimming pool contractor should be at the top of your list.

Of course, we would all love to have the custom pools that our hearts desire, however, most of us first have to balance it with our budget. Fortunately, with more history and research behind us and healthy competition of the free market, prices on pools are becoming palatable for many. 

Pool costs can range from as little as $50,000 for a smaller entry-level pool to millions of dollars for a luxury mega-pool. With all the possibilities available today, we are certain you can be paired with the right pool for you and your budget.

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On Schedule, On Budget

Tiled pool and brick patio with natural gas feature built by a swimming pool contractor
Tiled spa and pool with a natural gas feature on the deck.

Schedules are critical in any construction project and pools are no exception. It is essential to have your pool project well-planned in the design stage so that construction can go as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

We value your input and opinion during the construction stage! However, the most cost-effective way to have us build your pool is according to an approved design rather than “figure it out as you go”. 

This approach helps our clients eliminate potentially costly change orders. As the old Military 5 P’s adage goes: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Experienced Pool Contractor

Whether it is a simple lap pool or multi-tiered collection of pools flowing into each other on the side of a cliff or ocean, our design and engineering experts have seen and created almost everything you can imagine. 

We have many years of experience in pool design and construction and 100% satisfied clients and use the latest technology to ensure our clients get the best reliability, with minimal required usage of chemicals, and ease of maintenance overall.

Location & Design

The location and design of your pool are often dictated by your property. If you have a huge acreage estate, you will probably be able to have the pool your heart desires and your budget allows. 

While your options may be more limited on a smaller lot or a property with topography, we may still be able to design and build a beautiful infinity pool for you like the one below.

Sunset view from jacuzzi and pool of luxury Maui home by Crescent Homes Maui, a swimming pool contractor.
Sunset from Maui: spa and pool designed and built by Crescent Homes Maui.

Unlike many other pool contractors, we are also able to help our clients add the outdoor kitchen, shower, water feature, or anything else around the house they might want, while we are building their pool. 

With over 4,000 homes built in multiple states — we are not just a pool builder — we are a licensed General Contractor and the in-ground swimming pool contractor you need, in Maui County.

Rebuilding Lahaina Together

Crescent Homes Maui understands the challenges faced by the residents of Lahaina after the devastating wildfires. We are dedicated to playing a part in the reconstruction efforts, offering our expertise to rebuild your home, bringing comfort and beauty back to the community.

Transform your property into a haven of luxury with Crescent Homes Maui. Contact us today by calling 808-727-1162 or by filling out our contact form. Let us create a masterpiece that exceeds your expectations and complements the opulence of Maui living.

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