How to Pick the Right Contractor

Let’s say you are ready to build or have some remodeling completed, and you are wondering how to pick the right contractor!

This can be an overwhelming task as most people don’t know where to start. If you have a referral, that is great. Here in Maui, that is really less likely as many people don’t live on the island full-time. So, then you start browsing the internet, reading reviews, and hoping to find the right person to call. Although this is a good place to start, reviews can be suspect, and every contractor says, “We are the best!”

Pick the Right Contractor Guide

First, Call the Contractor

When you want to pick the right contractor, our first suggestion is to start with a phone call! Get the contractor on the phone and see how fast they respond to you. Do you have to wait and wait for a callback? Are they lacking common sense when you speak with them? Are they listening to you and offering suggestions? These are all critical when picking the right person for you to not only work with but trust with your property and your hard-earned money.

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Check for These Qualities


Construction starts with responses to timing and situations. If they don’t call you back or respond to you in the beginning, just wait to see how they will be to deal with during construction or if and when a problem arises. Let’s face it, problems generally arise during construction. It is up to your contractor to be responsive to those situations so that you can quickly be informed of the situation and hopefully informed of the solution.

Common Sense!

This is a really big one! If your contractor has no common sense, they are definitely not going to be much help in scheduling your project sensibly and dealing with issues efficiently when they arise. The key to a contractor completing on time and on a budget is their ability to manage the project and avoid chaos. It is critical to be pro-active and not reactive, so common sense is something that the best contractors have lots of.

Understanding Your Objectives

Most contractors are task-oriented and not global thinkers. If you are fortunate enough to have someone that not only thinks from their perspective but is able to think like a property owner or investor, you are in great hands. New construction or remodels obviously involve personal emotions for clients. The other thing that is always involved is budget! If your contractor can both understand your objectives with respect to construction but also your financial objectives, they will help you achieve a balance of both. 

Crescent Homes Maui

It’s the small touches that make our work exemplary. The kitchen remodel below is both a practical and beautiful upgrade. The image of what it looked like before is on the left and after on the right. Note the Sea Turtle designed by our gifted tile workers.

Learn more about our Remodel process and the kinds of projects we take on.

Kitchen remodel, before and after picking the right contractor

You Get What You Pay For!

Although you have heard this a million times, it is true in most things, not just construction. The biggest mistake we see people make is getting the cheapest guy and going with them. Time and time again we see contractors baiting customers into working with them with a small bid. Telling them everything they want to hear until, CHANGE ORDERS!!! Yes, unfortunately, there are a lot of contractors that will enter into a project understanding the things you don’t and looking to make their profit on those items. 

These types of contractors are a good contractor’s worst nightmare. First, we have to bid against what we know is a bogus bid. Then we routinely get called for help to fix what one of these guys messed up. That takes us back up to our second item Common Sense. Use yours and make sure that you and your contractor have a VERY clear understanding of scope, timing, and quality expectations.

Project Organization

When a project is disorganized it will take longer, cost more, and can even become a potential eyesore. Many contractors fail to maintain their workspace, ie. your home, during demolition and construction. Ask your contractor for referrals and talk with homeowners from past projects to learn how the construction process worked for them.

A very messy demolition in process
What a typical demolition might look like with another contractor.

Crescent Homes Maui

A clean demolition at Crescent Homes Maui

Demolition can get messy, but we appreciate that this is your home and keep our mess picked up.

Common sense, being responsive and organized, listening to our clients, and our years of experience set Crescent Homes Maui apart.

Read about a recent remodel here on Maui and see the results of our quality work: Kitchen Remodel 101.

Safety and Liability

First and foremost, in construction is to operate in a safe work environment. It’s not just the contractor’s liability its yours as the property owner. Yes, contractors have liability insurance but that won’t stop someone from trying to sue you if they can prove that you allowed a contractor to not keep the workplace safe! Unfortunately, construction sometimes deals with very dangerous situations and it is imperative that your contractor takes this very seriously. Generally, if your contractor displays the traits listed above, they will also provide a safe workplace for their employees.

Worker using cutting tools while wearing open-toed sandals. This could happen if you didn't pick the right contractor.
Only hire contractors who require safe construction practices and safety gear! Note the dangerous slip-on shoes worn on this worksite.

Crescent Homes Maui

We follow all safety requirements. In the picture below, note our employees are wearing hardhats and heavy work boots while preparing a site for the construction of a new Maui home. Learn more about our New Construction process.

Below see our Crescent Homes Maui heavy equipment operators. Hang loose, friends.

Crescent Homes Maui heavy equipment operators preparing a home site for construction. When you pick the right contractor pick the one with safe operations.

The good news!

If you pick the right contractor, you can have a lot of fun seeing your dreams and visions come into existence right before your eyes. Nothing is more rewarding for us than when a customer is ecstatic about their home and the experience of building or remodeling it. There are a lot of good contractors out there, they might not be the cheapest or tell you exactly what you want to hear but if you listen and choose wisely, you won’t regret it!

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