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Licensed Commercial Electrician for Your Maui Business

Our licensed commercial electrician provides new electrical installation for your commercial building. We also inspect your existing system for signs of damage and provide upgrades to keep your building in compliance with current codes. An updated electrical system ensures you can go about your daily business operations without experiencing an electrical problem. 

Electrical Inspection

Commercial buildings need an inspection at least once per year to make sure the electrical work is up to code and that there are no safety hazards. Electrical safety standards change regularly.  Our licensed electrician keeps up with changes to identify hazards in your commercial building.

Electrician works on a switchboard for a commercial business
Electrician works on a switchboard for a commercial business

Lighting Installation 

The right lighting sets the tone in your commercial building. We will wire and install the exact type of lighting you need, from bright lights so your employees can focus on their projects to dim lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you experience problems with your existing light fixtures, we will identify and repair the problem.

Lighting trends change over the years. If your current fixtures don’t fit in with the style of your business anymore, we can install new fixtures. Updated lighting shows your clients and employees that you care enough to provide a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Electrical Panel Installation and Upgrades

The electrical panel in your commercial building needs regular inspections and upgrades in order to stay up to code and provide the amount of electricity you need for your daily operations.

Electrician uses a multimeter to test a commercial electrical installation control panel
Electrician uses a multimeter to test a commercial electrical installation control panel

An outdated electrical panel may fail to meet modern electricity demands. Our licensed electrician can measure the demand in your building and upgrade your existing electrical panel. If you deal with breakers that frequently trip, that is a big sign that your electrical panel is overloaded.

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Commercial Electrical Panel

  • You’ve recently upgraded or added new equipment like internet servers, computers, or industrial equipment.
  • Your existing panel is more than 30 years old.
  • Breakers trip on an almost daily basis.
  • Your current system operates using a fuse box instead of a breaker panel.
  • You plan to renovate the building in the near future.

If any of the signs above pertain to your business, you are overdue for commercial electrical service! Reach out to Crescent Homes Maui so we can start the process of upgrading your electrical system.

Maintain Your Commercial Building on Maui

Our team will inspect the electrical system to identify any safety hazards and to ensure your commercial building is up to code. If we detect any problems or if it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel, we can provide exactly what you need. Reach out to Calvin Baty and the Crescent Homes Maui team by calling 808-727-1162 or by filling out the online contact form. Learn more about all our Electrical Services.

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