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Maui Painting Contractor

Crescent Homes Maui offers island residents a full range of expert painting and wood refinishing services. We are the island’s top painting contractor.

Calvin Baty, owner and manager of Crescent Homes Maui, is a licensed and certified General Contractor with more than three decades of experience. Between work on the mainland and Maui, Calvin has built over 4,000 homes and done thousands of remodeling jobs both large and small. With Calvin and his painting team, clients are assured of top-quality work by a seasoned professional.

Range of Services

At Crescent Homes, we specialize in all facets of painting for new or existing properties including luxury homes, condominiums, apartment complexes, and commercial properties. We do exterior and interior painting, including doors, walls, ceilings, windows, and baseboards. If you are looking for a Maui painting contractor, with Crescent Homes you are assured of:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Thorough preparation of wood or other surfaces
  • Minimum of 2 coats of quality paints, which is the industry standard, but we always do whatever it takes to make sure the final product is the best it can be
  • Sharp lines and appropriate texture of paint application
  • Pass along all manufacturer’s warranties from the products we use
  • Painters who are both skilled and courteous 
  • Proper tools and equipment
  • Careful protection of furnishings, fixtures, doors and trim, landscaping and more 
  • Daily job site clean-up

Quality that Lasts

Whether you’re building a new home or looking to repaint an existing home you’ll want the job done right, the first time. This is especially critical in Hawaii, where the warm and humid climate can lead to serious problems when inferior products and poor practices are used. When humidity is high, the paint is exposed to a greater amount of water vapor in the air, which causes the water in acrylic or latex paint to evaporate more slowly and encourages condensation that can damage the paint finish. Other factors that impact drying are wind, temperature and precipitation, as well as the thickness of the paint coating. Improperly applied paint can lead to:

  • Brown or white discoloration of the paint’s surface (known as surfactant leaching)
  • Peeled and bubbled paint, caused by moisture absorption of the wood
  • Lifting and disadhesion of the paint, caused by condensation
  • Compromised protective qualities of the paint

Exterior or Interior Maui Painting Contractor

To help prevent these problems and ensure a neat and clean job, Crescent Homes does exacting preparation of your project’s surfaces. For exterior jobs we do:

  • Full power washing to remove dirt and debris
  • Scraping and removal of old paint
  • Sanding for a smoother painting surface
  • Priming and caulking as needed to ensure paint adhesion and to seal areas from rust, stains and moisture
  • Masking to protect doors, windows, roof lines, landscaping, fixtures and decks
  • Daily clean-up of materials and equipment

We are just as careful with the inside of your home and its furnishings. Our team makes sure that:

  • Furniture is carefully covered
  • Art, photos and wall decor are safely removed
  • Floors, carpet, doors and trim are covered to protect from paint splatters
  • Blinds and drapes are removed and reinstalled after completion
  • Drywall repairs, tape float and texturing performed (if specified in contract)
  • Daily clean-up
  • Furniture put back upon completion.

We are Ohana

Crescent Homes is a Maui painting contractor, a family-owned company, and vertically integrated. This means that instead of relying on subcontractors, we hire top-level professionals to run each of our self-performing divisions, including painting, construction, concrete, demolition and excavation. As a result, projects run more smoothly and without cost-overruns. Just as importantly, projects are completed without delays. Residents familiar with Maui’s “island time” marketplace will appreciate that Crescent Homes beats the competition 2 to 1 in completion time!

Residential and commercial painting is detailed work. If you’re as passionate about your property as we are about quality painting, you’ll choose Crescent Homes Maui.

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