A Better Way to Build Your Dream Home

New Maui dream home with a recently poured and stamped concrete walkway
In addition to a pool and jacuzzi, this new home includes ocean views and a sunset every night.

The easy part of building your dream home is the dream. Deciding on the next steps is what paralyzes many people. Crescent Homes Maui, the premier builder of luxury custom homes on the island of Maui, can help guide you navigate this major life event. 

Many people might assume that the logical sequence to building a dream home is to secure financing, acquire land, hire an architect and, finally, find a few builders to bid the project and then choose the most affordable. But typically that’s not how the process works. 

Crescent Homes Maui cement worker installing and smoothing a cement walkway for a dream home
Newly laid cement blocks around a jacuzzi and pool deck for a Maui dream home.

Instead, most people purchase a new home built on “spec,” or work directly with a builder to customize a project that is already underway. There are many good reasons for this.

The Competitive Edge

Builders know their territory:  Builders and developers spend a lot of time and energy tracking the market and canvassing neighborhoods and property owners to find potential lots. This inside knowledge can often help the pros secure lots that may never end up being listed for sale.

It’s all about connections:  In today’s hot real estate market, speed matters. Builders also have relationships with real estate agents, architects, lenders, and other professionals who can speed the home building process. The average consumer will usually have to take time to find and hire a team of professionals. Meanwhile, savvy developers can act quickly to put together deals. 

An expert eye:  Builders know what makes a lot promising. They have the experience and expertise to efficiently evaluate a lot’s potential and important factors. These factors include setbacks (how far from the property boundary a home can be built), slope, storm easements, soil quality, water and sewer hookups, and title issues. Once a builder finds a lot that looks promising, he or she can quickly make an attractive offer with no contingencies and favorable terms for the seller. 

Wood flooring ready to set on sound dampening acoustical underlayment
Crescent Homes Maui includes soundproofing under wood flooring to help reduce noise.

Getting Down to Numbers

Money matters:  In today’s real estate market many sellers prefer cash offers. If a buyer has the cash, great. But requiring a loan will make an offer less attractive. That’s because construction loans are riskier and more complicated than a conventional home loan. In order to meet the terms of a construction loan, the buyer will need to be able to provide a design, floor plan, and other specs. But if you haven’t already picked a lot, builder, or house plans, you can’t provide that information to the lender. 

Builders on the other hand have lender relationships and financial resources. This can give them an advantage over the buyer who may have to jump through hoops to arrange construction financing.

Make Your Dream Home Come True

For all these reasons, many experts say a buyer’s first step in the process should be to choose a reputable, experienced builder who will work with you to buy the right lot, design your dream home and then build it. Building a new home requires hundreds of important decisions. Having the right professional at the helm makes all the difference. 

Talk with people who have built a new home, as well as real estate agents and design professionals to get recommendations for builders. Check their references and, if possible, inspect their existing projects. 

completed new Maui home
A complete Maui dream home with ocean view, pool, and indoor/outdoor living.

As the premier builder of custom homes on Maui, Crescent Homes is not only a full-service general contractor, we are experts in finding buildable lots in desirable neighborhoods, securing financing, and providing design services. 

We always have house projects underway that can be customized to suit your family. Or, if you want to secure your own home plans or work with an architect, Crescent Homes will partner with your team and be there every step of the way.  

If you’re ready to build your dream home, call Crescent Homes Maui today and learn how we can make building a new house the joyous experience it should be. 





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