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The Road to a Successful Driveway Starts with the Right Contractor

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Nothing detracts more from the appearance of a home than a driveway that’s cracked and crumbling. So if you’re considering replacing an old driveway or building one for a new house, the best first move is hiring the right professional for the job. 

Let Crescent Homes Maui engineer a durable and handsome entry to your island home with top-quality concrete construction.

Calvin Baty, owner/manager of Crescent Homes, is a licensed and certified General Contractor with more than 30 years of experience in construction. Between his work on the mainland and Maui, he has built more than 4,000 homes and done thousands of remodeling jobs both large and small. Now based on Maui, Calvin serves the local market by delivering projects quickly and affordably while maintaining the utmost quality.

Image of custom driveway built by Crescent Custom Homes Maui.

Driveway Options: Concrete vs. Asphalt and Gravel

Calvin and his team know that when it comes to driveways, concrete beats other materials such as asphalt and gravel for both durability and appearance. A well-constructed concrete driveway can last several decades, with little maintenance other than an occasional cleaning and application of sealer. 

But some contractors cut corners, and in a tropical climate like Hawaii’s the high-salt marine layer can lead to the breakdown and failure of inferior work, resulting in an early and costly replacement. By investing in quality concrete, your new driveway will end up saving you money. 

The Artistic Touch

Concrete also allows homeowners to add decorative elements that other materials don’t. Crescent Homes is expert in the craft of stamped concrete, which can be used to imprint patterns that mimic those seen in nature, wood or tile. We can also apply a permanent colored stain to concrete hardscape, which takes driveways, stairs, pathways and walls to a whole other level. Or, if you prefer a more basic look, or have a steep grade that would benefit from added traction, we can apply a broom finish to your concrete driveway.

Top-tier in Completion Time

Crescent Homes is a family-owned company and vertically integrated. This means that instead of relying on subcontractors we hire top-level professionals to run each of our self-performing divisions, including concrete, framing, tile, underground utilities and more. This helps ensure that your project runs smoothly and without cost-overruns. Just as importantly, your project is completed on time. Residents familiar with Maui’s “island time” marketplace will appreciate that we beat the competition 2 to 1 in completion time.

Pricing Model Helps Homeowners

Crescent Homes has built relationships with national suppliers that enable us to obtain the most value for our clients, allowing us to pass the pricing model of big projects along to smaller ones. This gives our clients a distinct market advantage.

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Don’t settle for less. Get more mileage out of your new driveway by calling Calvin Baty and Crescent Homes Maui. 

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